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Meet Jakub! Barbara Brink Intern Blog: Part 1

Imagine a workplace where you feel like an architect, an athlete, a physicist, a biologist, a geologist, a teacher and an inventor. Well that’s exactly what it feels like to be the new Barbara Brink Intern. My first month at Science World has been a whirlwind of knowledge, creativity and smiles.

I started off my internship with an orientation and a walkthrough of each gallery, as well as an introduction to all the awesome people that work here. Trying to remember all my co-workers' names and what they do was a little tough at first, but luckily everyone has been kind enough to reintroduce themselves—some probably more than once! With their kindness, generosity and guidance, I was soon helping visitors build dams in the Eureka! Gallery and learn about our chickens in the Ken Spencer Science Park. Inspiring young minds is certainly a rewarding experience.

Since I have a background in sports, the new feature exhibition, Science of Sports, is by far one of my favourite parts of working here. Science of Sports offers great insight into the science of health and fitness and what it takes to become a pro athlete. From balancing, to pitching, to getting your groove on, this exhibition has it all!

As part of my internship, I’ll be working on a science-related project. After hearing many project proposals from my co-workers, I chose to improve the ROV—Remotely Operated Vehicle.  What makes our ROV so cool is its underwater capabilities. Since it's equipped with a camera, I’m able to get a close look at subaquatic terrain and life. My task is to design propellers using 3D software that will be able to work in the outdoor pond. The challenge with current propellers is that they get tangled in the pond plants, which causes them to stop working and unintentionally damages the reeds. The propeller I’m designing will be encased in a shroud that will protect the blades and prevent plants from getting entangled. Once I have a design that works well, I’ll print it off using a 3D printer.

I look forward to spending the rest of my summer engaging visitors and working on my propeller project.

Until next time,


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