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Meet the Science World Hens!

Come meet the Science World hens! Our chickens—Betty Blue and Vanta—are one of the most popular attractions at Science World. These lovely hens live in a coop in the Ken Spencer Science Park, where they spend their days contentedly clucking, scratching in the dirt, and of course laying eggs.

Betty Blue the Ameraucana

Six-year-old Betty Blue isn’t actually blue: she’s white, with lovely brown speckles. Her name comes from the fact that members of her breed usually lay blue eggs. But! Because of a genetic anomaly, Betty’s eggs are light brown. Just like people, hens are a diverse group. As the oldest hen in the coop, Betty Blue is at the top of the pecking order. That means she gets to eat first––and she makes sure the other three remember it! Her favourite food is mealworms….yum!

Vanta the Svart Höna

Vanta gets her name from a material called Vantablack, which is one of the darkest pigments on Earth. Vanta stands for “vertically aligned nano tube array”: perfect for a Science World chicken. Vanta the hen is black all the way through: her feathers, her legs, her flesh––even her internal organs. Not her eggs, though: those are off-white. Even though Svart Hönas are one of the rarest breeds of chicken in the world, Vanta doesn’t put on airs. She likes to talk, especially in the mornings, and she’s great at evading the Science World staff with her speedy running.

Chickens are considered "flightless birds."

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