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Not Just Any Bench!

We recently installed a new bench in our 2nd Floor Atrium, but it’s not just any bench! It’s one with a really cool background story.

The bench was produced as part of the STRUCTURE program (a partnership between BC Wood and IDSWest). It is made out of laminated veneer lumber (LVL), a form of engineered wood that consists of multiple thin sheets of wood glued together with layers of adhesive. LVL has been used in the past to create airplane propellers. Using layers of laminated wood allows for fine-tuning in order to achieve optimum weight and balance.

Because of its specialized manufacturing process, our new bench is made out of materials that are exceptionally strong, straight and consistent. The 6m length of the bench accentuates the impressive span that can only be achieved by LVL beam construction.

The raw materials for the bench come from Douglas fir trees near Golden, BC. The bench itself was manufactured by Pat Christie (a graduate from Emily Carr's Industrial Design program) and James Spouler (previously a 3D artist in the visual effects industry). As of 2013, our bench is the biggest solid wood bench on the market…and it was born and crafted right here in British Columbia!

Learn more about our new bench or about laminated veneer lumber.