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Nurturing New Science Skills: Online Activities on Synthetic Biology, Food Flavours & More

Experimentation helps us become curious about the world around us. With analytical thinking and effective communication, we can spark creative ideas and share them with others.  

For this year's Girls and STEAM, Science World worked with real professionals in the STEAM field (science, technology, engineering, art and design, and math) to develop skills on how to pose interesting scientific questions and how to communicate that with other STEAM enthusiasts! 

Play With Your Food

Look through your kitchen and create your own science experiment using food and household ingredients! Discover food-science inquiries with the team at Sci Files and Flavourful Science.

Creative Content Design

Experiment with different styles of effective communication. This workshop explores how to efficiently communicate complex topics and how words can affect the outcome of a situation.

Synthetic Biology: Using DNA for New Applications

Explore what DNA is and how it can be adapted to solve specialized problems through Synthetic Biology. Try designing your own synthetic biology creation to solve a specific problem.

Viruses: Reducing the Spread

How does physical distancing, masks, and handwashing precautions prevent an outbreak? Join Girl Guides Canada as they simplify the science of COVID-19 and explore tools that can map how quickly a virus can spread.

Want to delve into more online activities?

From design-thinking to building a landslide in your kitchen, choose from a range of topics from this year's Girls and STEAM Virtual Symposium! You can even stream our keynote speeches by Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, and marine biologist, Dr. Sarika Cullis-Suzuki.