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#Odysci Profile Day 9: Dr. Jenny McQueen

As part of Science Odyssey, we are interviewing a variety of STEM innovators to investigate pathways into STEM and to discuss the future of STEM learning and careers. 

Dr Jenny McQueen's academic background is in biochemistry and genetics. During her PhD at the University of British Columbia, she used the common bread yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, as a tool to understand how cells replicate and divide. More recently her postdoctoral work has looked at finding shared cellular pathways in both yeast and man. Her passion for genetics and science outreach has led her to co-design a genomics field trip program at the Michael Smith Laboratories. Inspired by technology advancements in biological research, the program aimed to introduce genomics and bioinformatics tools and concepts to secondary school students. She continues to imagine new ways of inspiring and challenging young scientists as coordinator for the Future Science Leaders program, and is the Director of Outreach for the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology. 

Empowering Women in Science 

The Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST) is a non-profit association that promotes, encourages and empowers women and girls in science, engineering and technology. Members include university undergraduate and graduate students, post docs, technicians, technologists, research scientists, professors, engineers, consultants, unemployed and retired women scientists. SCWIST is a signatory to the BC Science Charter. Its members volunteer their time in Science World's Scientists and Innovators in Schools, and are active participants in the BC Science Outreach community. 

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What's happening today for Science Odyssey?

Visit the Tiny House Collective Tiny House Day outside TELUS World of  Science
Join the Tiny House conversation tonight at Cafe Scientifique: Go Go Tiny, 7pm–9pm TELUS World of Science

SCWIST Busting Stereotypes community 3D printed sculpture project, 10am–4pm (Creekside Community Centre)