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Prototyping has begun!

Great news! We've started doing some regular prototyping for the exhibits in AMPED! At this stage nothing is really pretty looking, but that's because we're mostly interested in 2 main things (for now):

  1. We want to make sure people can figure out what to do.
  2. We want to put things in places that make sense.


We'll be going out onto the floor more regularly with this set up: an electronic drum device, a keyboard, a mic and a looper. We got a few of our visitors to test out the technology and see what kind of music they can create with a few simple sound loops... and we asked them if the instructions we wrote made sense! There was a brief chaotic moment today involving 3 visitors tangled by some headphone cords, but other than that we know we're heading in the right direction. We can't wait for October to unveil AMPED when it's all ready!

If you're visiting us in the upcoming days, ask about AMPED and definitely keep an eye out for our prototypes!