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Raising the Bar at Science of Cocktails 2020!

Over $1.2 million dollars raised?

We’re abuzz with excitement!

What began five years ago as a large-scale experiment in having one night to bring to life all of Science World’s values—curiosity, inclusion, relevance, collaboration and play—has now supported 30,000 students with field trips to Science World.

And with the $293,000 you helped us raise at last night's annual Science of Cocktails, the number of people getting access to Science World programming continues to grow.

The Story Behind The Numbers

Jake Main is a 5th grade teacher at James Kennedy Elementary in Langley. He's accessed a bursary for three years in a row.

“I would like the supporters of the program to know that their money is bringing young minds to a place where they can foster their creativity, they can dare to imagine and wonder, and they can feel safe exploring science.

“I teach ten and eleven-year-olds. And when we walk into the BodyWorks Gallery, they have strong reactions to the human body. Then, they start looking closer at the various parts and systems and, with the anatomical model, moving the different organs into place.

"The information there is interesting and written in their language. And all this helps them start to see their bodies scientifically. Science World is where their narrow view of what science really is begins to grow.”

The Dome is Where the Heart is.

Science of Cocktails 2021 has been canceled. More than ever, we rely on donations and partners to support our vital programs. Give now to help Science World stay open to ignite wonder and empower dreams.

Thank you to everyone who made Science of Cocktails possible. We hope to be able to work together again in the future, when it is safe, to create more unique and memorable events and to raise money for underserved schools!