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A Science Charter for BC

This past Saturday, September 28, Science World was proud to host the official launch of The Science Charter for British Columbia. The launch announcement was made during our Community Science Celebration—the kick-off weekend for Around the Dome in 30 Days, our month-long science festival.

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The Science Charter for British Columbia expresses the shared beliefs of its members who are part of the science promotion community throughout BC. The purpose of the Charter is to foster coherence and collaboration amongst organizations involved in science promotion in British Columbia by defining common understandings and purposes. These organizations are committed to promoting science and technology, and understand their importance as drivers for a vibrant future for British Columbia. They promote science through activities that range from community events to post-secondary educational programs. Each of the signees shares a belief that science and technology are pivotal to our economy, environment, health and many other dimensions of our lives. Individual organizations believe that they can be more effective in science promotion through mutual attention and common direction.

At its inception, the Charter represents over 30 science promotion organizations throughout BC.