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Science World’s Bright & Bold Brand Refresh

Science World has unveiled a brand refresh, its first since 2012.

A year and a half of research, consultation and experimentation among many teams at Science World and across BC have resulted in the new colours, typeface and logo you see today.

This is how we got here.

Science World is evolving.

During a province-wide consultation, we asked an important question: “Over the next generation, what pressing social role should Science World serve for its community?”

From these conversations emerged a brand-new strategic direction that will help guide our province toward a thriving, sustainable future and a brighter tomorrow.

We also updated our set of core values—curiosity, playfulness, inclusion, relevance and collaboration—that now drive our approach to everything we do.

And we wanted our brand to reflect that.

Our new brand promise to you is, “Evolution through discovery.”

“As a non-profit charitable organization, what’s most important to us is being optimistic and positive,” says Teresa Virani, Science World’s Vice President of Marketing & Visitor Experience. “There are many scary versions of what our future might look like. Science World believes that there are solutions to all our big problems, we just need to find them. And we’ll find them through asking questions, together.”

You may have noticed the switch in key colour.

After months of research into colour, and the psychology of colour, the result for our Graphics team was loud and clear: yellow is, hands-down, considered the happiest, most positive hue.

“We wanted to reflect the wonder you get and the energy you feel when you walk into our dome or when Science World comes to you,” says Science World’s Creative Director, Jen Cook. “What better way to underscore our vision of a bright future than with this bold, glowing yellow?”

Playfulness and curiosity have been at the core of who we are from day one. And now, our brand communicates this. Our distinct yellow even has a nickname from our team: Bright Future Yellow. It helps us keep in mind that Science World’s new strategic plan is to increase science knowledge across all of BC.

And take a look at our new logo.

While we couldn’t say goodbye to our iconic dome, we wanted to emphasize that Science World is not only in Vancouver, but all across the province— and has been for over 30 years!

To embed that sense of reach and excitement, there’s a bit of a halo around the dome’s edges, giving a subtle cue of us growing beyond our building, expanding outward.

Just like the yellow, it’s bigger and bolder.

We are living through a moment of unprecedented technological change. It’s predicted that two-thirds of kids entering school today will work in jobs that don’t yet exist. And more than 80% of those jobs will require an understanding of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).   

That’s why, every day, people at Science World are thinking up new ways to support our province in getting excited and knowledgeable about science.

The brand refresh is a huge part of that. Thanks for helping us get there.

As our Creative Director, Jen Cook says, “A bright future is one where we collectively take on big, tough challenges with openness and curiosity—because when you view the world through the lens of curiosity, everything is possible.”

Be curious and bold with Science World.

You can help us achieve this bright future. Find out how.