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Science World’s School Support Project

New directions have emerged that are transforming learning in BC schools. The 21st Century framework (BC Ed Plan) emphasizes learning that is more student-initiated, self-directed, inquiry, based, and interdisciplinary. 

In this provincial context and through internal and external activities, Science World consulted with over 475 teachers and other education stakeholders through our recent collaborative inquiry and engagement initiative, the School Support Project. Activities included: 

  • Audit of Science World's offerings for schools at TELUS World of Science and around the province in the context of curriculum transformation (October—November)
  • Internal focus group and visioning session with Science World staff (November)
  • The School Support Survey received participation from 326 teachers and other educators and explored your experiences teaching science, your views on Science World’s current approaches to supporting schools, and your insights on opportunities and the needs of teachers related to the upcoming curriculum redesign in BC.(November—December)
  • Professional development and visioning session for elementary and secondary educators at TELUS World of Science (January) 
  • Community consultations in Northeast BC and Nanaimo (January)
  • Various events   

We would like to thank all project participants, including the following survey prize draw winners: 

  • Science World On The Road visit to your school: Sarah Moore
  • 100$ gift certificate to Kaleidoscope, the Science World Science Store: Donna Robson
  • $50 gift certificate to New Horizons: Sharon Trogrlich, Curtis Wiebe
  • $25 gift card to The Apple Store: Tracey Epp, Sarah Phillips, Carrie Antoniazzi, Brad Summers 

With the findings from this project, Science World will build on its strengths in supporting schools, establish priorities for resource development, and grow partnerships with community organizations to support science education. 

Read the Science World School Support Project Executive Summary (download PDF) 

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