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Second to last week: report writing

Hey guys,

Week seven of my eight-week internship has come and gone with amazing speed. Since I have very little time left, I have to tie up the loose ends of the projects I’ve been working on and get all the information ready to be passed on to the next person.

What that really means it that I spent the week writing my final report. Once I’m done the report it gets sent to my manager, the funder of my program and Science World’s CEO. They read it to see what they’ve contributed to and what exactly I did during my time here. It’s neat to write because it gives me the opportunity to look back on everything I participated in and reflect on the skills I’ve developed. This position has sure taught me a lot that will come in useful at university!

The report also ends up being the best testimony to the worth of the program itself, so I’ve spent a lot of time making sure it’s really good.

On Tuesday, our workshop department completed the work order for my major project, the Chladni Plate and I got to test it out. It works really well and can’t wait to get it people using it, but I need to finish up writing the instructions and getting a couple last minute items first. It won’t go on display to the public until AMPED opens in October.

Other than that, I did a bit of work in the Ken Spencer Science Park tilling soil and planting seeds for our batch of fall crops. I also helped out in Science World’s summer science camps during their last week before school starts. Every week they host a party and invite the parents of the campers to come see what their kids did in camp.

Bye for now!