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Staff Profile: Jeff Porter, Digital Designer and Developer

It takes a lot of people to make up a science centre, and Jeff  Porter is the mastermind behind our digital projects. He designs the website and digital exhibits and works the camera and editing on our video team. Like everyone at Science World, Jeff wears a lot of hats, so we caught up with him to chat about his job and how he came to be such a jack-of-all-trades.

Tell us about your background and how did you end up at Science World?

I started working in web design almost 12 years ago but when I graduated University, I hated web design. I could not design a website to save my life and I actually wanted to do digital restoration for historic photos. At the time, when I graduated from TRU in Kamloops, print work was very hard to find. So I had no choice, I applied for a job in web and started working for a CMS company. They taught me how to code and I fell in love with web and I have never looked back. I have worked at different design firms and agencies around Kamloops and Vancouver but eventually found my way to Science World.

What inspired you to pursue a career at our science centre?

I have always been a major geek/nerd and I wanted to work with people who have the same passion as I do for education and STEAM. I also wanted what I do to help people rather then just making websites for corporations.  

What do you do at Science World?

I am the Digital Designer and Developer. What that means is I am involved in most things that are digital at Science World. My main job is maintaining and doing the upkeep on all of our websites. I am also part of our video team and digital team. I also will help with creating digital exhibits on occasion.

What is your area of expertise?

I am kind of a jack-of-all-trades. Web Design and Front End Development is what I have been doing most of my career but I also do videography and video editing. It is very helpful to be flexible in my position because I have to learn new systems and programming languages to keep up with new technology. 

What do you love most about Science World?/What is your favorite Science World story or moment?

I love the people here the most. Everybody is supportive and collaborative. It feels like more like family then co-workers.

What is your favorite science tip?

I am not scientist; I really do not have a good tip. Maybe a computer sciences tip, when writing code make sure to tab it correctly so other people can read it easily. 

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