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SWEET: Frame by Frame

We recently hosted an animation-themed youth-only event, and it was a huge hit! Over 175 youth came out to Science World on September 21 to explore animation principles, manipulate animation software and connect with local animation industry leaders. Check out our photos and videos from the event!


The night started with an Opening The Door networking session, where over 50 youth connected one-on-one with animation industry leaders from Bardel Entertainment, Vancouver Animation School, Vancouver Film School and Beyond Capture.

At 6pm, the lights dimmed, the music started, and the doors opened for the Science World Extravagant Evening for Teens: Frame by Frame. On top of our galleries and Feature Exhibition: The Science Behind Pixar, we had a ton of wondrous behind-the-scenes experiences to explore. Vancouver Animation School hosted three amazing experiences. Guests changed the code in animation software to manipulate the gravity of a digital environment, learned how to draw in different styles and received stylized portraits, and explored the rig and walk cycle of an animated character in the animation software, Maya.

The TAG team was running a few of their own activies as well. At one station, they got every passer by to draw a frame to contribute toward a collaborative storyboard, to be presented at the end of the night. There was also a button station, where guests could design and assemble their own buttons!

Guests explored our Feature exhibition: The Science Behind Pixar before heading downstairs to see the Feature Presentation!

The Feature Presentation was hosted by Brett Vanderkist and Jim Inkster from Vancouver Film School. They gave us all an inside look at the history of animation, leading us to see what animation is today and how it may evolve in the future.

The night concluded with the TAG team presentation of the collaborative storyboard and handing out prizes.

The night was a huge success and we hope to see you at our next SWEET event on November 9th! Our Feature Exhibition will be Game Changers, which explores how technological innovations have transformed the world of video games! See you in November!