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Trails With Dale: Tidal Zones at Lighthouse Park

It's summertime in British Columbia, the perfect time to head to the coast to catch some rays and some fresh, ocean air. In this episode of Trails with Dale, Dale and Elizabeth travel from Science World to West Vancouver to explore the unique plants and animals that live nearest to the ocean tides.

Animals and plants in tidal areas have a special challenge since the coastal environment changes with the rise and fall of the tides. Even within the tidal area there is a lot of variation. Some plant and animal life could spend most of the day submerged, while others stay mostly dry, depending on which tidal zone they inhabit.

There are three basic tidal zones: The High Tide Zone, where the land is mostly exposed; the Mid Tide Zone, where plants and animals get more water coverage throughout the day; and the Low Tide Zone, where water is very nearby and the coastal life is mostly submerged.

Check out what we found there:

High Tide Zone

Mid Tide Zone

Low Tide Zone

Do you have any questions about tidal zones? Ask Dale! Add your questions and observations in the comments and Dale will let you know what he thinks!

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