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Volunteer Profile: Jessica Salati, Evaluation Support Volunteer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to volunteer at Science World? There are many ways to get involved! We asked Jessica Salati about her role as Evaluation Support Volunteer and learned that she'll be taking her work at Science World with her to her master's dissertation. 

So, Jessica, how long have you been volunteering with Science World?

I started volunteering in spring 2015. It’s been about six months now.

Why did you choose to volunteer at Science World?

I happened to be in Vancouver for a summer holiday a few years ago and came to visit Science World for the first time. I spent the whole day here. I remembered thinking, “It would be so cool to work here!” When I actually decided to move to Vancouver there were no job postings at the time, but the spring volunteer intake was opening, so I decided to apply for that.

What do you do as an Evaluation Volunteer?

The focus is on the feedback we get from our visitors and from their experience at TELUS World of Science. By observing them along their journey and communicating with them, we learn what they like and don’t like and if they have any suggestions for us for further changes and improvements. We want to make sure we provide the best fun and educating experiences. I spend lots of time observing and interviewing visitors and afterwards compiling and analyzing all the data.

What do you like most about volunteering?

It doesn’t feel like I have to do it—I do it because I want to do it. It’s also such a great opportunity for me. Throughout this program, I have been given the amazing chance to write about what I’m doing here at Science World for my master’s degree dissertation thesis and it definitely is a flash of inspiration for what I would like to pursue in life as a career.

Do you have a favourite story from Science World?

There isn’t just one in particular. I have been working a lot in Kidspace throughout these months, and seeing all the kids come up with bright and creative ideas while playing and learning is such a big fulfillment.

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