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Volunteer Profile: Raina

Thank you to Science World for providing me with the amazing opportunity to volunteer at their summer camp. It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed interacting with all the kids and helping out with the various activities planned each week.

I really loved being a part of the camp. It almost felt as if I was one of the kids, having fun and learning about science as I engaged in all the activities and presentations. Aside from all the perks of being a volunteer, like tubes full of water pearls and free admission to the butterfly movie, the best part about volunteering at camp was the relationships I developed with the kids, other volunteers and Science World staff. This experience has really helped me build my people skills and taught me a lot about how to communicate and connect with different people. I also feel that volunteering at the camp allowed me to learn more about customer service and how to manage children of various ages.

This has been a great learning experience for me. It has motivated me to pursue more opportunities around child care and the exploration of science. This experience has also taught me valuable life skills in communication and cooperation, and helped me step out of my comfort zone, to express myself in a positive way. These skills will definitely be useful in future work experiences and all throughout my life.

I truly appreciate the time and the energy that Science World has invested in me. Thank you for giving me this awesome opportunity. It has been a pleasure volunteering for summer camp! I hope that in the future I can work again in a similar position for Science World!