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What’s High School Work Experience Like with Science World?

The following article is a guest contribution by Preeta Pratap, a Science World High School Work Experience Alumni:

When I first applied for my work experience placement at Science World, I was beyond nervous. I felt scared, since it was my first time volunteering/working anywhere.

But once I started working, I loved every second of it and I never wanted to be anywhere else! I loved spending time with the adorable kids that came to visit, talking to curious parents and seeing my new family (the staff) every day! During face painting sessions, building towers with Keva blocks, driving plasma cars or exploring new items in the Discovery Boxes, I always felt great making everyone around me smile. At first, it was intimidating being the centre of attention, but after a while, I felt more confident about myself than I ever had before! The experience also made me feel very helpful, as I was able to answer everyone’s questions, as well as tell/show visitors new things.

Another one of my amazing experiences was working in the Living Lab. It was an honour to be the first work experience student in there. It was amazing to view child development through the world of psychology, especially since my dream is to become a psychologist! It opened my eyes to see how children think in different ways. Many children are influenced by stereotypical ways of thinking, while others are very open minded. It was interesting to see the developing pattern in the research that UBC students were conducting in the lab. Although the students I was with were carrying out research, they were very kind and patient with me and all my questions. They could not have been more informative or accommodating to me.

If I could do this placement over again, the only thing that I would change is the amount of time I got to spend there. I would definitely extend my time way beyond the 80 hours required! Thank you for this special opportunity, Science World and the Living Lab. Good luck to any new volunteers/staff members!