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Where In The World Are Our Blue Bees?

Have you seen our blue bees?

Science World staff have launched a unique research project in the Ken Spencer Science Park. They have begun marking the honeybees they find foraging on the flowers in the park with non-toxic, vegetable-based, blue paint in order to track their movements. Some interesting observations about dwell time have already being noted, but they are hoping to prove that some of these bees are visiting the park from the observation hive in Search: Sara Stern Gallery.

Blue Bees

Next time you visit, keep an eye out for blue bees both in and outside the building. Be sure to let Science World staff know if you spot a blue bee in the Search Gallery hive or buzzing around your houseplants!

To learn more about pollinators like bees, butterflies and moths, check out the fun and educational activities available on the Science World  Resources website. Be sure to visit the buzzy bees at the Ken Spencer Science Park and Search: Sara Stern Gallery.