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Why We Give: Michelle Chang & Family

Why We Give features our amazing and generous donors. They share why they support our non-profit charitable organization. Together, we help ignite curiosity in the next generation!

When Michelle Chang held her niece Quinn for the first time, she marvelled at the wonders of biology. She felt amazed that her sister had created this tiny being and pushed her out into the world.  

As she observed Quinn’s development in the early months of her life, the marvel continued. She grew so quickly, it inspired Michelle to live differently.  

“I wanted my niece to have grandchildren,” she says. “But I realized I didn’t know how long the world was going to survive.”  

Environmentalism and sustainability became top priorities. First in the name of her niece, and then, soon after, her nephew.  

In 2018, she made a career change, leaving the infrastructure sector to become VP Finance at Native Shoes, a Vancouver company. She was drawn to their values and their commitment to using material science and innovation. They have the goal of ensuring that 100% of their shoes are life-cycle managed by 2023.  

“We believe it's our responsibility to lighten our impact on this place we call home,” she says. “Every day, I’m excited to see the innovative and creative ways in which our team strives to use science to make a better world – one step at a time.”

A Leopard Gecko Changes Spots

When Michelle learned that Science World was struggling due to COVID-19, she felt called to action. “Science World is a fun, educational place for both kids and adults,” she says. “It’s important that it survives.”  

Friend and Science World board member Ivor Luk shared with Michelle the possibility of sponsoring an animal. She decided she wanted to do so in her niece and nephew’s names.  

She recalls the day in September when she brought Quinn and Marcus to the dome to choose which creature they would support. They got up close and personal with an Eastern box turtle, stick insects, and even Madagascar hissing cockroaches.

"We selected the Leopard gecko because the kids thought it was the cutest,” Michelle laughs.  

Though she’d been to the dome many times as a kid herself, watching her niece and nephew learn that day was her favourite. 

“Science World makes learning fun. When kids observe science in practice, out of a textbook and in action, it allows them to see possibility.”   

The Grateful Living 

For Michelle, it’s important that her niece and nephew have moments full of the scientific joy that's so present in her own life.  

“I keep a gratitude journal,” she says. “And most of it is filled with my amazement at science.”  

From the Internet, to architecture, to electricity, to microwaves: “It’s just a marvel to understand how everything works and how things came to be.”  

But the best thing born from learning about and working in science, Michelle argues, is curiosity.  

She believes curiosity is the most important attribute one can have: “Because it leads to possibility. It leads to us figuring out how to make things better.” 

Science World needs more people like Michelle.  

Help fund the future and give to our non-profit charitable organization for the next generation of problem solvers, wonder seekers, world changers and nerds.