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Yep, We Built Canada’s Largest LEGO Mural!

When we confirmed that LEGO® Travel Adventure would be rolling in as our spring 2014 feature exhibition, we knew that we wanted to do something amazing to mark the occasion. Let’s be honest, the extent of human creativity with LEGO doesn’t seem to reach any bounds, especially when it comes to LEGO with a travel theme, so coming up with a unique idea was no easy task.

We settled on something that reflects Science World’s values: the interplay of science and art, fostering community cooperation, and most importantly, creating hands-on experiences of curiosity and wonder.

The result? Canada’s largest LEGO mural! Completed on Friday, February 14, the mural spans an area of just over 11m².

Science World LEGO mural facts:

  • The mural consists of 3 layers: base plates then build plates topped with 1x1 tiles
  • 179,712 studs cover the mural
  • The mural contains more than 180,000 individual LEGO pieces
  • It took 5,000 builders over 14 days to complete
  • About 1 in every 5 visitors during the build dates contributed to the work of art (some contributed more than 10 completed plates during their visits!)
  • There are 24 different brick colours on the mural

Thank you to everyone that contributed to our new mural!