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Your Space Questions Answered!

Our science blogger, Elizabeth Hand, has become a space correspondent! She's at NASA headquarters covering the launch of their Space X, Faclon 9 supply rocket heading to the International Space Station. Follow us on twitter to check out her coverage of the event and to engage in the conversation around #whyspacematters. She's taking your space questions and finding the answers from the pros.

Your asked, we answered:

How far are the stars from earth?
Proxima Centauri is our nearest neighbor at only 4.24 light years away

Why do people go to space?
To learn more about our planet and because it's awesome.

Are stars actually round?
Yes! Stars are spherical like our sun and our planet (though, not perfectly).

Is space actually black?
Yes! Here's why.

What colour is a spaceship?
There are a lot of white ones, but they could be any colour you want!

What do you do in space?
You float around and do cool science experiments like this.

How do astronauts breathe in space?
You have to bring your own oxygen tanks!

Are astronauts still going to the moon?
Not at the moment but, maybe someday soon. Maybe you'll be on the next trip!

How do rockets get fuel?
People make the fuel and they fill up huge containers which attach to spacecraft.

How do black holes suck things in?
They are thought to have so much gravitational pull, they could attract lots of stuff.

What kind of vegetables are not suitable for space travel?
Ideal veggies have good nutrients, low volume, grow quickly, and water & roots are less sensitive to growing in space.

Why does the rocket launch leave at 10:21?
There is a one second window to get it into the right orbit.

Would you like to be an astronaut or work in the space industry? 

It takes all kinds of minds to make space travel and discovery possible. Check out more stories and activities on space travel and discovery to get you started.