Teen Advisory Group

The Teen Advisory Group is currently not accepting applications. Please check back in February for further updates. We appreciate your interest in the program and hope we can get back to planning awesome events soon!

What's the TAG team?

The TAG team is Science World's Teen Advisory Group. The team plans, promotes, and runs the Science World Extravagant Evening for Teens (SWEET) events at Science World. To organize the SWEET events, Teen Advisory Group members meet several times a month with Science World's Youth Program Specialist to come up with engaging event themes, programs, digital content, and guest presenters of actual interest to teens.

SWEET events take place every other month in Science World’s galleries from 6pm-9pm. They feature activities run by the TAG team, as well as guest exhibitors and presenters. Past SWEET events include:

  • Exploring the science of focus and attention (SWEET: Hocus Pocus Focus) with UBC’s Visual Cognition Lab
  • Finding patterns in music and nature (SWEET: Pulse) with the Vancouver Public Library Instrument Lending program
  • Sustainability (SWEET: Global Rewind, Time to Innowaste) with Metro Vancouver and many local change makers
  • The psychology of video games (SWEET: Mindcraft) with an international presenter providing a recorded presentation on her research on Game Transfer Phenomenon

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Who’s on the TAG team?

Curious and inspired teenagers! The current TAG team is composed of students from high schools across the Lower Mainland and we’re always looking to add new members. Many of the members have enjoyed their roles so much they’ve been on the team for multiple years. If you are a high school student who is interested in joining, please contact our Youth Program Specialist.

Contact Us

If you are a high school student and have any questions about the TAG Team please contact our Youth Program Specialist.