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Sensory Friendly Mornings

Sensory Friendly Mornings are inclusive events for individuals and families with neurodiverse or accessibility needs. Guests can enjoy Science World exhibits in a comfortable, welcoming and less crowded environment. Wherever possible, exhibits will have adjusted operations and lowered volume levels from 8am to 10am. Volume levels and exhibit operations will return to their usual settings at 10am, when we open to the public. Guests are welcome to stay and explore Science World as long as they wish.

From 8am–10am, Sensory Friendly guests can enjoy these amenities:

  • Access to galleries and exhibits before the general public enters at 10am
  • Light and sound modifications
  • Designated sensory break room
  • Centre Stage show with reduced noise
  • Additional signage

Resources for your visit:


  • Tickets are limited and we encourage all guests to purchase tickets or register in advance
  • $10 plus tax per person
  • Registration is free for Science World Members
  • Please note: an adult attendant/caregiver who is supervising a visitor with disabilities will receive a complimentary daytime general admission (1:1 ratio) upon arrival and does not need to purchase a ticket or register in advance

Add on a Sensory Friendlier OMNIMAX® Screening:

We are proud to present a sensory friendlier OMNIMAX film screening! This screening is open to all guests.

We will be showing Wonders of the Arctic at 11am in an adapted OMNIMAX theatre setting:

  • Sound volume will be lowered to a more comfortable level
  • Lighting will be kept on throughout the film, at a low level
  • We expect that children and guests may be chatty as they enjoy the film—and that’s okay!
  • Theatre guests will be able step in and out of the theatre at any time

As we will be showing Wonders of the Arctic on the largest dome screen in the world, we understand that some guests may be curious about what the experience might be like. We have that covered!

There will be an OMNIMAX open-house from 10am–10:30am before the film begins, open to all Science World guests. This is a great opportunity for guests, especially those with little ones, to view the theatre screen, check out the seating and become familiar with the potential lighting and sound levels—before deciding to purchase a ticket to the film.

Sensory Friendly Mornings would not be possible without the generous support of:
Ames Family Foundation