Science parallels art as a subject matter and a source of inspiration.

Here at Science World, we are delighted to work with local artists who are interested in and inspired by science. You will see their artwork on the walls in the dome. Past displays have included work by Peter Holmes, Sharon Kallis, Jan de Beer, Andy Wright, Woonam Kim and famed pet photographer Pete Thorne. We also host an annual display of the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition winners, and hosted Art the Science’s RE:Composition digital art show.

Current Exhibits

Preventing Extinctions: Architecting the Accretocene by Andy Wright and Island Conservation is a celebration of Island Conservation’s work preventing extinctions on islands by removing invasive species from fragile ecosystems to protect native biodiversity, focusing on the environments where species are the most vulnerable. Working together with local communities, governments, and conservation groups, they have successfully restored sixty-five islands worldwide, benefiting over 500 species. 

This exhibit features and celebrates the success of Island Conservation’s work on five islands: Gwaii Haanas, Canada; Okinoshima, Japan; Kaho’o’lawe, Hawaii; Palmyra Atoll, Northern Line Islands, South Pacific; Isla Floreana and Seymour Norte, Galapagos. And invites you to imagine their work as a part of a global effort where people contribute to the health of the world’s environment.  

It is their hope that this exhibit whisks you to another place and encourages you to join them in creating more vibrant world—in being the architects of the Accretocene Age.  

Preventing Extinctions: Architecting the Accretocene is on display in our Main Atrium until April 3.

Artist Contact Form

We have space available throughout the year to display artwork that aligns with our mission to ignite wonder and empower dreams through science and nature. We are taking proposals from artists whose work:

  1. Brings together art and science in a creative way
  2. Uses art as a lens through which to examine, express, or experiment with scientific theories, processes or principles or;
  3. Explores the human and social impact of science
  4. We love work that sparks the curiosity of the public and invites questions and/or participation
  5. 2D and 3D works, digital art, as well as performance and time-based work will be considered


Honorariums are offered for both single artist and group shows. We also offer to host an opening reception with light refreshments provided by Science World, free to the public, on an evening in the first week of installation if the artist so chooses.


Displays typically range from about 8-16 weeks in length. We are booking for the 2022-24 calendar years, dependent on space available.

If you are interested in your artwork being displayed, please fill out the form below.

Please note: Due to the volume of submissions, we are not able to respond to each one individually. Thank you so much for your interest, and we'll be in touch if there's a fit and a time we think will work!

Artist Submission Form