Science parallels art as a subject matter and a source of inspiration.

Here at TELUS World of Science, we are delighted to work with local artists who are interested in and inspired by science. You will see their artwork on the walls in the dome. Past displays have included work by Peter Holmes, Sharon Kallis, Jan de Beer, Andy Wright, Woonam Kim and famed pet photographer Pete Thorne. We also host an annual display of the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition winners, and hosted Art the Science’s RE:Composition digital art show.

Current Exhibits

Pet Pop is a series of pop art portraits of old dogs and fat cats by Pete Thorne, Toronto's premiere pet photographer.

Pete Thorne is the author of the viral hit senior dog photo book OLD FAITHFUL: Dogs of a Certain Age (HarperCollins) and the photographer behind the viral series FAT CATS both of which have been featured in popular media online and in print including: People Magazine, ABC news, Buzzfeed, Esquire, Toronto Life, CBC, Bored Panda, PBS, The Toronto Star, The Huffington Post, International Business Times, Die Zeit, PetaPixel,, The Daily Mail, George Takei, One Green Planet, Fast Company, Mashable, Flavorwire, One Green Planet, and Mother Nature Network, Modern Dog, and Dogue Magazine. Pete is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD).

Pet Pop is on display until early January.


Do people look like their pets? Or... do pets look like their owners?

People have been asking this question since a wolf decided to live with people some 15,000 years ago. We set out to see if there was any truth to the theory and this is what we came up with. What do you think?

Thanks to all the pet owners who contributed to our collection and Beau Photo for their photography.

Drs James Till and Ernest McCulloch were two Canadian scientists who pioneered the field of stem cell research with the discovery of a method to detect cells able to restore blood production in transplanted irradiated mice. This finding prompted the later identification of cells able to regenerate other tissues, including skin, muscle and brain. This has led to advances in research and treatment of cancer.

The bronze sculptures of Drs Till and McCulloch created by artist Ruth Abernethy, installed outside our entrance were a gift to Science World from STEMCELL Technologies Inc. to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the discovery of stem cells, a field of scientific study that is distinctly Canadian in origin. As a charitable organization, Science World values donations from the community to help promote science literacy across the province.

Till and McCulloch represent a proud moment in Canadian scientific history. These sculptures recognize Canadians as the forerunners of stem cell research. Their scientific research has been embraced and continues to be developed by researchers all over the world, such as the research by Dr Connie Eaves, of the BC Cancer Research Centre, who worked with Dr Till.

The bronze sculpture installation is also the perfect opportunity to initiate important dialogue about diversity in the scientific community and celebrate the proud moments of all Canadians. Young scientists from diverse backgrounds can engage with the piece on the three “empty” stools. Such an act can celebrate the past, challenge the present and look towards a brighter future. Till and McCulloch's pioneering stem cell research, and many other types of important scientific research, inspires scientists of diverse genders, ethnicities and experiences all over the world to use these discoveries to understand and conquer many human diseases that affect us all.

Artist Contact Form

We have space available throughout the year to display artwork that aligns with our mission to ignite wonder and empower dreams through science and nature. We are taking proposals from artists whose work:

  1. Brings together art and science in a creative way
  2. Uses art as a lens through which to examine, express, or experiment with scientific theories, processes or principles or;
  3. Explores the human and social impact of science
  4. We love work that sparks the curiosity of the public and invites questions and/or participation
  5. 2D and 3D works, digital art, as well as performance and time-based work will be considered


Honorariums are offered for both single artist and group shows. We also offer to host an opening reception with light refreshments provided by Science World, free to the public, on an evening in the first week of installation if the artist so chooses.


Displays typically range from about 8-16 weeks in length. We are booking for the 2019-2020 calendar years, dependent on space available.

If you are interested in your artwork being displayed, please fill out the form below.

Artist Submission Form