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Distance Learning with Ozobot

Here are a few tips for using Ozobots in a distance learning setting even if your students don't have an Ozobot with them (and you do!).

For more ideas, see links listed below.


  • Explore how to write code


  • Offline: paper, black, red, blue, green markers

  • Online: Computer with internet access to visit Ozoblockly

Key Questions

  • Does the Ozobot do what you expected?
  • Describe your thought process in creating this code.
  • How would you extend your code if you had an Ozobot?
  • How did you test your code?

What To Do

Have synchronous/live lessons:

  •  Receive input from your students on what to add to the code. Show them how the Ozobot performs the code!

Offline (line following) ideas:

  • Have students send Ozobot line-following path ideas and join them together for a large collaborative map. Record a video of your Ozobot moving around the map to share with the class.

Online (block coding) ideas:

  • Have students create Ozobot code using Ozoblockly and then share it with you. Load the code on your bit and record a video to share with the student/class.
    • Students can click on “share” to receive a link or share code to give you
    • If you have a share code, you click on “open program” to enter the share code


  • Have students calculate distances and angles that the Ozobot needs to travel to accomplish a goal and work with them to create the code.

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