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Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

Most of us rely on vision as our dominant sense to understand the world around us because we can get so much information this way: shape, size, distance, motion, and colour.

In this demonstration, the information from our eyes is different from the information from our ears. Most of us "listen" to our eyes in this situation.

If we get conflicting information from our eyes and ears, many of us will default to the information we receive from our eyes.


  • Understand that visual information is processed in the brain.


  • no materials needed (excepts student’s own hands)

Key Questions

  • Why are you touching your cheek?
  • Which sense took over: sight or hearing?

What To Do

  1. Lead the students through the following instructions, while performing the actions yourself:

Stick out your hand.

Now stick out your thumb.

Now stick out your forefinger.

Touch them together to make a ring.

Now put the ring on your chin. [said while placing your ring on your cheek].

How many of you are touching your CHIN?”


  • Create your own visual cue illusion and try it on family and friends!