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Paper Plate Bubble Wands

In this activity the students make their own wand that produces big bubbles, using only a paper plate.

Follow the “Tips for Producing Giant Bubbles” for best results. 


  • Make a bubble and understand its structure.


Key Questions

  • Why does the whole bubble wand need to be soaked in bubble solution?
  • Why are big bubbles more difficult to make than small bubbles?
  • What are some good techniques for producing big bubbles?

What To Do

  1. Cut out the middle part of the plate so that just the rim remains.
  2. Dip the round frame and your hands into bubble solution.
  3. Pull the wand through the air, or gently blow into it, to create a giant bubble.
  4. Flip the frame up or down slowly, to close and release the bubble


  • Use other everyday objects as bubble wands: slotted spoons, funnels, flyswatters, tennis rackets, 6-pack rings and cookie cutters.
  • Some objects will produce big bubbles and others will produce lots of tiny bubbles.
  • Can you predict what kinds of bubbles will result from each “wand”?
  • When conditions are right and there is little breeze, go for the "giant doughnut." Create bubbles that go all the way around you (360 degrees) and then reconnect.

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