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Zubrowski Bubble Wand

In this activity the students make their own wands that produce big bubbles.

The Zubrowski wand is named after Bernie Zubrowski, who developed it at The Children's Museum in Boston.

It is a simple rectangle made of 2 straws and a piece of string, yet it consistently gives great bubble results.

Follow the “Tips for Producing Giant Bubbles” for best results. 


  • Make a bubble and understand its structure.


  • Per group:
    One tub of All Purpose Bubble Solution (about 1-2L)

  • Per student:
    2 short (about 10cm) straws
    about 50cm cotton or wool string

Key Questions

  • Why does the whole bubble wand need to be soaked in bubble solution?
  • Why are big bubbles more difficult to make than small bubbles?
  • What are some good techniques for producing big bubbles?

What To Do

  1. Thread the string through the two straws and tie a small knot to make a rectangle.
  2. Pull the knot into one of the straws.

Tip: The string must be thin enough to be threaded through the straws and at least 4 times the length of 1 straw. However, strings that are too long may make it difficult to form bubbles.

  1. Use the straws as handles and dip the rectangle and your hands into the bubble solution.
  2. Lift the rectangle carefully out of the solution and open it up to form a soap film window.
  3. Hold the rectangle at arm’s length just below your waist and gently pull the frame upward to create a bubble.
  4. Bring the straw handles together to close the bubble.


  • When conditions are right and there is little breeze, go for the "giant doughnut."
  • Create bubbles that go all the way around you (360 degrees) and then reconnect.

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