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Stick and String Bubble Wand

This demonstration uses simple materials to produce really big bubbles!

These bubble wands can produce thrilling results, but shorter children can have trouble holding up large wands.

Shorter strings or a step stool will help them to use this wand. 

Follow the “Tips for Producing Giant Bubbles” for best (and biggest) results. 


  • Make a bubble and understand its structure.


Key Questions

  • Why does the whole bubble wand need to be soaked in bubble solution?
  • Why are big bubbles more difficult to make than small bubbles?
  • What are some good techniques for producing big bubbles?

What To Do

Set Up

  1. Wrap the top 20cm of both dowels with string or wool.
  2. Cut a piece of string 1m long (about 3 feet) and tie one end to the end of each dowel.
  3. Cut a piece of string 1.25m long (about 4 feet) and tie in the same way (below the other piece). The string and dowels make the wand.


  1. Dip the top half of the wand in bubble solution and pull gently through the air.
  2. Let the students have a turn with the wand.


  • When does a bubble pop?
  • How does elasticity help make bubbles?
  • What would happen if the bubble solution didn’t have elasticity?

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