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Red Goose Puzzle

Have you ever seen a math puzzle or game and wondered how it worked?

Many of these math puzzles and game rely on the mathematical study of shapes and spaces called topology.

Topology is the mathematical study of shapes and spaces.

Topology involves looking at the shapes that result through stretching, transforming, deforming, folding and twisting. Tearing, on the other hand, is not allowed!

In this activity, students can make their own 3D math puzzle.

The name of this puzzle is actually a brand of shoes.  The puzzle was printed and given away as a promotion for Red Goose shoes.


  • Develop mathematical reasoning.

  • Make connections and solve problems.

  • Communicate and express their understanding.

  • Explain the importance of observation when doing math.


  • Per student:
    Puzzle template printed on card stock
    single-hole punch
    bead/button that won’t fit through a hole-punched hole

What To Do

  1. Cut out the puzzle template and punch holes as indicated.
  2. Thread the string through the bead and tie the string into a loop.
  3. Thread the string into the puzzle as indicated by the steps in the image gallery below.
  4. ​Now reverse the process to undo the puzzle!