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Repurposing Trash

In this activity, students are encouraged to get creative with rethinking to  repurpose trash.

What could you turn an old CD into?

What about an old tin can, an egg carton or a milk carton?

It is important to consider reducing waste by repurposing it. We can challenge current concepts of waste by thinking of waste as something we just haven’t found a use for yet. Be creative, we’ll continue to find new uses!


  • Describe the environmental importance of recycling.

  • Identify the impact that garbage/landfills have on the environment.


  • Reusable waste items:
    twist ties

    Craft materials:
    rubber bands

Key Questions

  • Why is it important to create new items out of old items?
  • How can we avoid putting items in the trash once we are done with them?
  • What happens to these items if they do end up in the trash?

What To Do

Set up

  1. Divide the class into groups of four.
  2. Hand out bags of waste items and get students to come up with cool things that the trash can be made into.


  1. Use glue or string or staplers to create monsters, robots, etc.
  2. Share your creations with the rest of the class.


  • Get inspired by ideas online. Look up words like upcycled or repurposed to find good examples. Display your creations for your entire school to see.
  • Create a challenge to make mouse trap cars using only mouse traps and waste items. Race the cars.

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