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Shapes Search

Scan the scene for shapes!

Shapes like squares, rectangles, and triangles are chosen to give strength and flexibility to furniture, buildings, even playground equipment and jewelry!

In this activity, students find shapes in their own environment.

This is a recommended post-visit activity to Science World.


  • Describe shapes that are found in natural and human-made structures.


Key Questions

  • How many shapes did you find?
  • What was the most common shape?
  • What shape was difficult to time find?

What To Do

  1. Choose an area indoors or outdoors. Make sure students know the boundaries!
  2. Have students spread out throughout the area and record objects they find with the shapes.


  • Hunt for shapes in old magazines and newspapers and/or photograph the found shapes and make an interesting poster or computer slideshow.
  • Compare buildings that are made out of different shapes.