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The Disappearing Glass

  • Discrepant Event (Investigatable)

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10 mins.

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  • Light


I would rather if you had a

I would rather if you had a little bit more of the science behind it. I would also like it if there were more pictures. I know that this is probably not a professional website, but if you would like more people to come on to your website and enjoy it more if you would consider my suggestions.

Hi, thanks for your feedback!

Hi, thanks for your feedback! Our resources are designed with teachers in mind so we keep them quite brief and adaptable. However, I have added a few pictures to illustrate the idea of refraction. If you would like to know more about refraction this could be a good place to look: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/geoopt/refr.html

In the top part of the text,

In the top part of the text, it already tells you that not all kinds of glass will disappear within the experiment. Then, in the bottom, it asks you if all kinds of glass will work. Why does it tell you something and then asks you the same question? That is absolutely pointless.

Hi, good spotting! This

Hi, good spotting! This resource is a demonstration so the note is for the educator doing the demo, whereas the questions at the bottom are for students (who won't have read through this resource beforehand). All our resources are designed with educators in mind so if they are being given straight to learners they may need to be tweaked first to make sense.

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