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Day 7: Dr. Susan Vickers Finds her Passion in Chemistry and Informal Education

Today Dr Susan Vickers is hosting a chemistry pop-up at Science World. As with our featured exhibition, Top Secret: License to spy, at the chemistry pop-up you will need to use chemistry based sleuthing skills to solve a crime—who stole the cookie!

I had the pleasure of talking to Susan about her love of chemistry and informal education:


And now for a moment of science: 



Replicate a real life crime-fighting technique at home or school.

You may have heard of "dusting for prints" but did you know you can also "fume for fingerprints". This technique is one example of how chemistry can be used to solve crimes.

The chemistry pop-up will be running at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. Join in to meet Susan, solve the crime and win a Science Odyssey button. Free with admission to Science World.