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Getting to the final stage of a project takes a lot of research: report from week 4 of the Barbara Brink Internship

Hello again!

I think I’m starting to get used to the rhythm of things around here. This week felt much more relaxed and easy going than my first couple of weeks and I’m attributing it to the fact that I now have a project I can move forward on. I like concrete objectives. I also managed to streamline my goals by finishing a few of the things I needed to do.

This week I completed a mini project that I had been asked to do for the TD Environmental Trail that circles TELUS World of Science. I went around to each section of the walk (Tower of Bauble, Hidden Water, Garbozilla, Waterways, etc.) and wrote up some questions which will eventually be used as a tool to promote the trail. One of the ways we could use these questions is to give visitors exiting the building a handout where they can try to answer all the questions by reading the plaques near each exhibit, but I don’t actually know what the final product will look like. I learned some really neat things during this project, so I hope you come by to check the trail out!

Throughout the past two weeks, I spent a bunch of my time researching demonstrations for AMPED that we can either build into the exhibit or use when facilitating. Tuesday, I had a meeting with Sandy, the curator of AMPED, and we went over what I had found. She liked a lot of the ideas. Most of them centre around the idea of a using a speaker cone like a sort of piston to display a phenomenon of sound. The next step is to look into how to design and build one. I’m looking forward to doing this as it’s exactly what I like to do!

Other projects keeping me busy include:  fixing a couple of broken parts from the hands-on activity table in Creativity in Motion that I put in, working on a cost analysis for the purchase of a Tone Generator, and finding events in September and November where Science World could promote AMPED to the public. If you can help out with any of these things please let us know!

Hope next week goes as well as this one,