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#OdySci Profile Day 5: Mike Hengeveld and Nick Murray

As part of Science Odyssey, we are interviewing a variety of STEM innovators to investigate pathways into STEM and to discuss the future of STEM learning and careers. 

Mike Hengeveld has taught secondary physics and math in Vancouver since 2000 and is the current program coordinator for the Templeton STEM program. Winner of the 2012 CAP Provincial Award for Teaching Excellence, he believes project-based learning and solving real world problems is a powerful tool for igniting passion for learning in students. 

Nick is a graduating student from the Templeton STEM Program with a passion for applying physics and math to solve real world problems. He has been lucky enough to gain experience in fields as diverse as geochemistry, molecular biology, data science and biomedical engineering. He sees project based learning as the future of education, and credits his interest and success in STEM fields to being exposed to this methodology through the Templeton STEM program. This fall he will begin his undergraduate degree in engineering and applied science at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. In the not so near future, he hopes to lead his own laboratory in biological physics, biomedical engineering and biotechnology.

Templeton Secondary is in East Vancouver, and has been serving the community proudly since 1927. The STEM program was initiated in 2013 and through the cooperation of staff, administration, VSB, SAP, and BCIT it has grown to include a full immersion from STEM 8 through STEM 12. It is a recognized partner of the BC Ministry of Education K-12 Innovation Partnership.


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