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Science World’s Summer Activity Pack

Seas the day with Science World’s Summer Activity Pack! Design fun, bubbly artwork, create a ferry impressive boat powered by soap, and take a colourful walk to brighten up your day. 

At-Home Experiments

Indoor Rainbows

Make your very own rainbow with a glass of water! You’ll need: 

  • small glass container 
  • water 
  • small mirror  
  • flashlight 

Colour Walk

Find things in nature that represent each colour of the rainbow. You’ll need: 

  • paper 
  • pencils or coloured crayons 
  • list of rainbow colours 

Bubble Prints

Paint with bubbles in this fun art activity! You’ll need: 

  • newspaper 
  • container of water 
  • dish soap 
  • food colouring 
  • straw 
  • white construction paper or card 

Soap-powered Boats

Build a paper boat and watch it move across water! You’ll need: 

  • large container of water 
  • small container of liquid soap 
  • empty milk carton 
  • scissors 
  • toothpicks

Chromatography Caper 

Observe chromatography in action and create colourful artwork. You’ll need: 

  • paper towel or coffee filters 
  • markers 
  • water 
  • tape 
  • plastic or paper cups 
  • pencil

Water Filtration Challenge 

Create clean water and learn how water is filtered for our use. You’ll need: 

  • pail with dirty water 
  • table or flat surface to work on 
  • clear plastic 2L pop bottles 
  • filtering items such as dirt, wood chips or cotton balls 

How much water would it take to put out the sun? 

Unlike a flame, the sun doesn’t burn, it creates heat and light through nuclear fission. Learn why this makes it hard for even trillions of gallons of water to extinguish the sun. 

How does sunscreen work?

Discover how sunscreen works to protect our skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) light, a type of radiation emitted by the sun.  

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