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What Is World Wildlife Conservation Day?

On Wednesday, December 4 our dome lights will be green in support of World Wildlife Conservation Day. For a full schedule of our dome lights for the month of December please see below.

World Wildlife Conservation Day falls every December 4th to raise awareness and engage conversations about species that are endangered or under threat of extinction because of poaching, trafficking and other environmental factors. Wildlife conservation is the act of protecting endangered and near-extinct species by preserving their natural habitat.

Wildlife Preservation Canada has identified dozens of species that are endangered, including a small, migratory shorebird in the Atlantic region called the Piping plover and the Vancouver Island marmot, considered Canada’s most endangered mammal. 

Conservation work has led to the recovery and revival of species around the world and right here in Canada. One example of this is the Burrowing Owl, which had a record 50 owls return to breeding grounds in 2015 after reintroduction efforts by the Burrowing Owl Recovery Team and Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of BC in 1992.

December Dome Light Schedule

December 1 World AIDS Day Red
December 2Growing ChefsGreen
December 3Giving TuesdayRed
December 4World Wildlife Conservation DayGreen
December 6National Day of Action and Remembrance on Violence Against WomenRed
December 10Human Rights DayBlue
December 11Super Science Family NightCool Modulations
December 16 - January 5Holiday Season/Winter Lab Program (Evenings)Cool Modulations
December 16 - January 5Holiday Season (Early Mornings)Cool Modulations
December 24 - 25Christmas Eve/Day (Evenings)White with Blue Snow
December 31New Year's Eve (Evening)Fireworks

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