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Continue the experimentation, curiosity and fun right in your living room with some of our favourite resources and at-home activities.

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At-Home Activities

We've got free-to-access activities that can be done wherever you are! Check out our wide variety of activities for kids of any age.


Our classic Centre Stage shows are now reaching thousands of homes and classrooms across BC! These high-energy performances entertain and educate learners of all ages with exciting science demonstrations.

Watch live to participate in the interactive chat, or check out the action from past livestreams below or on YouTube.

Online Films

Lower the blinds, shut the curtains, and watch some of your favourite Science Theatre shows right at home!

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Is time travel really possible? What would it take to regenerate the world's diminishing rainforests? Which predictions from the 1980s turned out to be right? And what is up with earwax?

Fieldnotes is where we delve into curious topics you've always wanted to know more about.