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The Adventures of Salmon: A Drawing Book

In this activity, students create a story and take an active role in seeing how they can make a difference in the protection of salmon. In this book itself, they are protagonists and have a pet salmon that they name. Throughout the book, they make choices to ensure that their salmon gets to spawn.

This activity could be used as an assessment for a unit of learning on Salmon.


  • Identify each stage of the salmon life cycle.

  • Identify factors (natural and human-made) that affect salmon survival.


Key Questions

  • What dangers do salmon face?
  • How can humans help protect salmon?

What To Do

  1. Have students create a story about the life of a salmon using the book template.
  2. Students can colour the book and add additional information about their salmon.
  3. Have students share their stories with the class in a story circle or have students do a gallery walk to see other students’ books.


  • For older students, the book can be presented as a graphic novel. In this format, students can add their own dialogue and experiment with illustrations.

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