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Circle Creations

Circles are all around us, and we can use them to make all sorts of new shapes and creations.

In this activity, students get creative and make their own 'circle creations' out of a variety of round craft supplies and recyclable material: toilet paper rolls, styrofoam cups, paper plates, and so on.

You may also put out coloured paper circles that students can put together to make caterpillars, snowpeople, and other things made of circles. You can also encourage students to trace the objects and cut out their own circles to use.

Round the Circle: printable guide.

These activities are part of Science World’s Big Science For Little Hands program. They were developed and tested with preschool and kindergarten educators.


  • Create a picture or three-dimensional sculpture using round, spherical and/or cylindrical supplies.


  • Per Class:
    a variety of round, spherical and/or cylindrical craft supplies and recyclable material (e.g. toilet paper rolls, styrofoam cups, paper plates, old CDs, buttons, paper circles, lids, etc)
    glue sticks and/or scotch tape
    paper and pencils (optional; for tracing)

Key Questions

  • What did you make?
  • What other round things could we use in our creations?
  • What pictures can you make using circles?

What To Do

Make a “round themed” creation out of the round supplies, using glue or tape to put together your creation.
Share the “story” of your creation with your class

Optional:  make a picture out of paper circles (time permitting)


  • Try making more 'circle creations' using objects you find at home (just check with the grown-ups you live with before you use those supplies!).
  • Make creations using other shapes - try using square objects, for example.
  • Use paint and/or stamp pads to stamp your objects and make round prints.