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Getting Started with Scratch

Students will create Scratch program logins, and then work as a group through the step-by-step introduction.


  • Introduce the Scratch program.


  • Per Student:
    1 computer (**at least one computer per two students**)

  • Per Class: 
    Computer with projector or SMART board.

Key Questions

What To Do


Ensure that all the computers work, and are connected to the internet.
Set up the instructor computer and projector or SMART board.  Create an instructor login.


Find the Scratch website:

  1. Each student should open a web browser to
  2. Select the appropriate language at the bottom of the home page.

Create a login:

  1. Each student should click on “join Scratch” and create an ID and password.
  2. Alternatively, you could assign login IDs and passwords (BSTM1, BSTM2 etc) so that the students can’t forget them!

Step by Step introduction:

  1. Students should copy what you do step by step as you demonstrate on the projector or SMART Board.
  2. Click on the “Help” tab and find the “Get Started with Scratch” section.
  3. Click on “Try out the step by step intro”

  1. Follow the instructions as they appear on the right hand side. Students should copy what you do at each step.
  2. Once everyone has completed the tutorial, students can apply what they learned by completing the following challenge:

Create an animation, choosing two sprites and a background.
When you click the green flag, sprite 1 should move forward 10 steps, change colour, and then move backward 10 steps.
Sprite 2 should change costumes when you press the up arrow.

Modification: Have sprite 1 move forward and back ten times.
Modification 2: Have sprite 1 move forward and backward forever.
Modification 3: Test what happens when you change other effects (besides colour).


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