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Scratch Jr. Cards – Off-line coding activity

ScratchJr is an introductory programming language that allows children ages 5-7 to snap together blocks of code to make characters move, jump, dance and sing.

The ScratchJr cards featured in this activity introduce children to key coding concepts and computational thinking skills through offline activities.

See “What to Do” for suggestions of cards that emphasize particular computational thinking skills.


  • Children will use the green ScratchJr cards to carry out a variety of offline projects and discover computational thinking concepts.


  • Per Group or Student:
    ScratchJr cards (Green cards only) available at online and through book/game stores.

    Teacher Tip: Materials vary per activity card, please familiarize yourself with the card deck ahead of time to gather options.

Key Questions

  • What was easy about the activity? What was hard?
  • Which was your favourite activity and why?

What To Do

The Deck:
Scratch Jr. Cards are sorted by colour : select the Green Cards to practice computational thinking skills without a computer.

Each card is also numbered and titled. Select the following cards to emphasize each skill:


Card 6: Sorting and Sharing
Card 14: Storyboarding


Card 11: Invent a Language
Card 12: I Spy a Sensor


Card 1: Guide a Friend
Card 2: Draw a Picture
Card 3: Make a Sandwich
Card 4: Hokey Pokey
Card 5: Walk in a Square
Card 8: Simon Says
Card 9: Programmer Says


Card 7: Clapping Patterns
Card 10: Circle the Blocks


Card 11: Invent a Language
Card 14: Storyboarding


Card 13: Design Journal
Card 15: Find the Bug!

Hint: The set up and materials vary with each activity card!


  • Now that you’ve practiced your computational thinking skills, apply them using the Scratch Jr app. It’s a free app for android and Apple devices available at: The remaining Scratch Jr cards give project suggestions, or you can make use of the many lesson plans and ideas on the website.