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Salmon Life Cycle Hexaflexagon

This make and take activity represents the life cycle, species and migration of the Pacific salmon in a fun way.

This activity takes a lot of precision folding, but the end product is a great learning tool that each student can play with.


  • Identify each stage of the salmon life cycle.


Key Questions

  • What are the stages of the salmon life cycle?

What To Do

Set up

  1. Give out one hexaflexagon sheet per student.
  2. Hand out scissors, rulers and tape.

​Teacher Tip: For younger students, score along the designated lines using a pair of scissors and a ruler for all students before beginning activity or have the kids fold where you would score.


  1. Have students score (not cut!) along the lines as directed on the printout using scissors and a ruler.
  2. Cut around the printout.
  3. Fold and tape as directed.
  4. Rotate the resulting small doughnut shape in on itself.


  • Use the hexaflexagons as a learning tool about the life cycle, migration, or types of salmon.
  • Look at pictures of spawner salmon. Colour the spawner salmon on the hexaflexagon to see learn to their differences in colour.

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