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Get an Inside Look at the Science Park!

There is always something new to discover in our Ken Spencer Science Park! Join us for a special tour of our outdoor space that explores nature in our urban environment, with Science Park curator, Alex Johansen. Find out what's growing in our gardens, meet the new chickens, and discover the theory behind our new Nature Exploration Space. 

Spending time in nature is crucial for the health and development of kids, aged 1-100. In the Science Park, we do our best to illustrate the natural wonders and opportunities in our own backyards and we hope to inspire our visitors to find ways to incorporate nature and sustainability into their daily lives. 

In the spirit of World Environment Day we invite you to visit the Science Park.

Join us this June 5 and learn about how you can help #BeatAirPollution by choosing an eco-friendly mode of travel, growing your own food in your backyard, community garden, or balcony garden, or spending time outside playing.