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Broadcast and Receive a Message

By this point in the series, students will be ready to use the tutorial videos and guidelines on their own. This activity makes use of a video tutorial found at


  • Explore and use the Scratch program tutorial videos and guidelines.


  • Per Student:
    1 computer  (**at least one computer per two students**)

  • Per Class: 
    Computer with projector or SMART board.

Key Questions

  • What is the best use of tutorials and "tips and tricks"?
  • Did you find a "most useful" resource?

What To Do


Ensure that all the computers work, and are connected to the internet.
Set up the instructor computer and projector or SMART board.  Log in to the Scratch website.



  1. Direct the students to the video tutorials found at
  2. Have them select the “make a story” video and watch it.  You may choose to project this video so that you can stop it to ask and answer student questions.
  3. On the screen or SMART Board, open a new Scratch project and select the Events tab.  Remind students where to find the “broadcast” and “receive” blocks.


  1. Use the “broadcast” and “receive” blocks to create a conversation between two sprites.