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Create Your Own Project

The final challenge for this series is to have students create an animation or a game of their own, using some or all of the skills they have learned. 

Be available (and patient) for troubleshooting.


  • Create an animation or a game in Scratch.


  • Per Student Pair:
    1 computer per two students (one computer per student is better)

  • Per Class:
    computer with projector or SMART board.

What To Do


Ensure that all the computers work, and are connected to the internet.
Set up the instructor computer and projector or SMART board.  Log in to the Scratch website.


If students are stuck for an idea, they should start by modifying one of the starter projects at

All shared projects on the scratch website are available to “remix” (modify), which means that there are many opportunities to build on other users’ creativity.

Encourage students to use the resources in the Tips tab:

These include tutorials and extra information about the scratch blocks:

It is not uncommon for students to attempt a project that is far too complicated. Help them to break down their project into smaller steps so that they can create a finished product in the available time.

Encourage students to continue working with Scratch from their home computers.