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Why do hoopsters fly? (On The Road pre-visit activity)

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1 hour

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  • Engineering
  • Forces and Motion


Hello Science World - on the

Hello Science World - on the road. Today we hosted an hour long presentation for intermediates at a school in Lake Country BC. It was terrific! The kids really enjoyed being engaged for such a long time. I am curious, however whether the email link for the pre visit activity that was sent to us last week needs updating. I spent time in my class discussing aerodynamics and lift of wings. We also created "Hoopsters" from a template on the link. The presentation today had nothing to do with aerodynamics, but lots about elements and weather. It was recommended that we pre instruct so the kids get more out of the presentation, so we took time to do so. I'm not so sure it was neccessary, considering the topic your talented presenters addressed. Any feedback would be much appreciated - thank you! - Matthew Olson Grade 5/6 Teacher

Hi Matt,

Hi Matt, Thank you for your feedback, we’re very glad that your students enjoyed our presentation. I believe my colleague has responded to your concerns directly. We realize that the framing around the activities may be a little misleading. Our primary goal for this activity is to try and get students thinking in an inquiry based mindset: asking questions, modifying variables, making predictions and testing them in a safe way. We realize that the content itself may not line up well with all of our shows. As always, we're learning from our experiences and continue to improve our programs based on feedback from teachers. We are working on providing content-related pre-visit activities as well as this activity to support an inquiry investigation. Kate

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