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#LGBTQSTEMDay with Dr. Edel Pérez-López

Science World is amplifying voices in our LGBTQ+ STEM community in celebration of #LGBTQSTEMDay!

Dr. Edel Pérez-López believes representation matters. As a member of the LGBTQS2S+ community and emigrant, he hopes he can contribute to removing systemic barriers for future scientists. 

"Hopefully I will someday be that figure of change for new generations." --Dr. Edel Pérez-López

Dr. Edel Pérez López is an Assistant professor at Université Laval whose work has had a great impact in the taxonomy of the plant pathogenic phytoplasmas. In May 2020, he established the first laboratory in Canada focusing on molecular aspects of Plasmodiophora brassicae, a plant pathogen that costs the canola and fresh-vegetables industries millions of dollars every year.

Celebrate with us!

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