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Bright Spots of 2020

Unlike our holiday cookies, we won't sugarcoat it—2020 was a tough year, for everyone. Which makes it even more important to celebrate the highlights. Our bright spots of 2020 were our favourite moments with you. Because thanks to your support, Science World remains open. And we're wishing you a healthy, happy, and brighter 2021.

Champagne Solutions

The Robotic Russian, a Mystic Martini, Negroni Vortex—no, these aren’t Bond villains. They're science-y cocktails dreamed up by our local food-and-beverage experts! In February, over 1,500 people circuited the dome through the crowds, sampling snacks and dozens of delicious drinks.

While we’re shaken that SOC 2021 has been canceled, we’re stirred by a hopeful vision for 2022. Cheers to our sponsors, the generous local restaurants and bars. Over the years, they’ve helped us raise 1.2 million dollars to bring underserved schools to Science World. If you ask us, that’s truly top-shelf.  

Online Evolution 

As the saying goes: necessity is the mother of invention. This year, Science World inventively transitioned many in-person, hands-on programs online. This work continues and the team is even developing new experiences for this era of learning. Here are some highlights:

  • 6,063 students and 522 teachers received virtual coding workshops
  • Our Show us Your Science and Centre Stage Livestream videos have had over 14,000 views. 
  • Our after-school program for high school STEM enthusiasts Future Science Leaders had a seamless transition to online sessions in November. 

Check out our up-to-date offerings for educators and learners alike!  

New Exhibits? Dino-mite!

Life finds away. And so does Science World! In August 2020, we won bids on an animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex and Kosmoceratops. Today, the T-Rex sits outside the Tinkering Space gallery, and has been affectionately nicknamed TinkerSauris Rex. The Kosmoceratops practices safe distancing and sports her own mask to greet visitors at the entrance. Have you met her yet?  

Celebrating Essential Workers

Doctors, grocery store clerks, bus drivers, cleaners, teachers, servers. The list goes on and on, and so does our appreciation. Science World reopened its doors in August with a special invitation to local essential workers and their families to visit the dome for free. Some of them even shared their stories about what it’s like to work on the frontline of a global pandemic. We’re thankful for all that they do to keep our community safe. 

Girls and STEAM

When Dr Bonnie Henry entered Science World, it was as though a Hollywood celebrity had arrived. Onlookers of all ages couldn’t suppress their shouts of excitement and polite pleas for a physically distanced selfie. As keynote speaker, she kicked off the 3rd annual Girls and STEAM. By taking this event online, we increased participation from 300 to 2,500.

This unique day connects girls ages 11-13 with real professionals and career mentors. Our superstar closing speaker Dr Sarika Cullis-Suzuki urged participants to use their voices to help make the world a better place. Short, fun, easy-to-do-at-home workshops from Girls and STEAM 2020 are now available online, delivered by our valued community partners.  

Towers of Tomorrow

So maybe none of us is flying to Dubai right now to ascend the great heights of the Burj Khalifa. And we might have to wait a while before we attend a party at CN Tower. But over the last year, thousands of Science World visitors got to experience the international while staying at home. Our feature exhibition presented 20 of the world's tallest skyscrapers built with LEGO® Bricks. Visitors can still get their hands on sanitized LEGO to build their own! Towers of Tomorrow (presented by Concert Properties and White Spot Restaurants and supported by TransLink) teaches about the science and engineering behind extra-tall architecture. It also inspired a series of stories about places in Vancouver where urban planning and community collaboration meet. On until January 21! 


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Science Will See Us Through

Much of the most promising vaccine and treatment news comes from Canada, including Vancouver’s AbCellera, whose COVID-19 antibody therapy has contributed to treatment development. Not only are we big fans, but their CFO Andrew Booth sits on Science World’s Advisory Council. And, earlier this year, we featured Booth and AbCellera CEO Carl Hansen as Science World Nerds!

While it's been a challenging year for everyone, there are bright spots of 2020. A renewed appreciation and respect for science is one of them. Thank you for supporting Science World as we move into this new future together!  

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